Reasons To Hire An HVAC Technician Before Doing Renovations

Renovating your home or office can indeed be an exciting experience, but it also comes with many challenges. One of the most unexpected ones for some businesses might have been getting new HVAC systems installed in their buildings because they never expected to need anything else! If you are wondering if your current HVAC system can handle the newly-renovated spaces, the answer to this question is simple. If you’re not changing the size or layout of your home, then there’s no reason why a new HVAC system wouldn’t be enough for optimum comfort in every room!

Have you ever considered how much more than just square footage is needed for heating, cooling and ventilation? You might be surprised. The truth of the matter is that your home’s HVAC system was designed based on many factors like layout changes or occupancy rate, but when it comes down to materials used in construction, they all have an effect too!

Reasons you may need a new HVAC system when you renovate

  • Changes to the interior layout require changes to the ductwork. Changing the layout of your home can significantly impact how comfortable you feel in it. If airflow through an area is not properly adjusted, then hot and cold spots will form, which impair overall ventilation for everyone who works or visits that space! When the usage of building areas is changed, heating and cooling requirements also change.
  • More occupants require less heating and more cooling. With renovations, it’s not just about making your space look nicer. You may be expecting to grow the business and accommodate more customers in a given area of the restaurant or other location with new HVAC system installation, which means there needs to changes made for heating during winter months while also accounting for summer temperatures, so they don’t get too high when everybody heads outside into lush green grassy fields after work! 
  • Your old HVAC unit may be incorrectly sized after the renovation. With the new energy-efficient materials and construction techniques, you can change your heating/cooling needs. New insulated windows prevent drafts that reduce heat loss during warm months of the year and cooling requirements for cold air circulation in wintertime; the same goes with wall insulation without losing any functionality! The best part? These renovations also make it easier on our environment because they use fewer resources than traditional methods do: glass instead of metal panels or plastic. It’s important to have the right size system for your home. Your existing furnace and air conditioner may be too large if you renovate space, but this is not good news in many cases! Oversized systems waste energy and reduce comfort levels within rooms of a renovation project.

Hire Our Experts For A New HVAC System Before You Start Renovations

Before you start construction on your home, bring in a qualified HVAC professional to evaluate and make recommendations for changes that will be necessary during the process.

You may find it only requires moving some ducts or installing new equipment depending upon how much room there is within range of air conditioners without sacrificing comfort levels required by each space and what type of heat pump system is being used, which could affect measures needed outdoors too! We know you’re busy, so we’ll make sure to get out there as soon as possible!

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