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Bloom Air Conditioning specializes in all HVAC-related services. Our team of technicians here in Brooklyn is all certified and experienced when it comes to providing heating and air conditioning installations as well as all types of HVAC repairs. We also offer preventive maintenance services to all of our customers here in Brooklyn, including other neighboring areas.

At Bloom Air Conditioning, we take great pride in providing our clients with nothing but the best HVAC work, making everyone’s lives easy and convenient within their Brooklyn homes and businesses. Our team of technicians tackles different HVAC services that would include these followings below like:

  • Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, & Maintenance Services
  • Furnace Repair & Installation Services
  • Heating Maintenance Services
  • Thermostat Repair & Installation Services
  • And so much more

Furthermore, if you need any of the following services that were mentioned above, you know that Bloom Air Conditioning is always ready to assist you.


  • We are here to provide customer satisfaction and quality work at all times.
  • We never settle for less, and our team of technicians will always go out there fully-equipped to tackle the job.
  • We provide services that are affordable and just within everyone’s budget.
  • We offer 24/7 customer service and emergency HVAC repair services.
  • And many more.

To learn more about our service offers, or to know how our team of technicians can help. Please do contact our customer service at (929) 605-4252 today!

Our company Bloom Air Conditioning services and repairs a variety of HVAC systems in Brooklyn

  • Cassette;
  • Ducted;
  • Mobile;
  • Ceiling;
  • Columns.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. HVAC system design is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

List of works within the scope of the service:

  • Diagnostics of HVAC system operation
  • Verification of all systems, their compliance with the declared performance indicators actual.
  • Checking of reliability of fasteners, integrity of the casing and airtight elements of the structure.
  • Clean condenser
  • Evaporator cleaning
  • Clean the indoor unit
  • Clean filters.
  • Check system
  • Check temperature sensors
  • Check the coolant
  • Refilling with Freon
  • Checking air outlet temperature and system error diagnostics
  • Repair and replacement of housing elements, wind blades, opening-closing motors, control panel

Chimney Services and Air Duct Cleaning in Brooklyn

  • Inspection, cleaning and disinfection of extract and input ventilation systems. All chemical products used in ventilation systems cleaning are approved and certified.
  • Cleaning of ventilation hoods, oil/grease traps in public catering facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, production shops
  • Cleaning of chimneys, fireplaces from combustion products, soot, grease
  • Cleaning, disinfection of ventilation shafts in apartment buildings, corridors

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