Common Home Heating Errors

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A home needs to be comfortable and safe all year-round, from summertime to the colder months. As the colder weather approaches and temperatures continue to drop, you will necessarily need to keep your indoors warm and comfortable. In this blog, we at Bloom Air Conditioning discusses how you can make the most of your energy consumption and cut your heating costs by avoiding the most common home heating mistakes.

Heating An Empty House

There is no need to heat the house if you are at work or away from home most of the time. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature throughout the day, helping you save more on energy costs. You can even program to warm up the house before you return home.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Don’t make a mistake by trying to heat your home faster by raising the thermostat higher than usual. Setting the device higher will be ineffective on how fast your home heats up. In the end, your system will run longer than expected, leading to a higher energy bill.

Leaving the Window Unlocked

The windows should always stay locked to avoid losing energy. When the window is open, it allows the temperature outside to enter your home and warm air from the furnace to escape.

Leaving Exhaust Fans On

Exhaust fans dispense and eliminate moisture and smelly odors from your home. Just turn off the exhaust fan in the bathroom or kitchen as soon as you finish using it. 

Bloom Air Conditioning: Heating System Professionals You Can Rely On

Many people discourage maintenance services and repairs of their heating and cooling systems because they believe it is expensive and complicated. That should not be the case, as it can potentially get the system breaks and malfunctions and replace sooner than you think. A little help now goes a long way.

Don’t risk making things worse by trying to do it yourself. Hire a professional that can safely and effectively perform maintenance and repair anything, if necessary. 

Breathe new comfort into your home with top-quality indoor air care with Bloom Air Conditioning! We are one of the premier sources of HVAC repairsin the community delivering long-term solutions. Rest assured that we will work diligently to provide you with exceptional heating and air conditioning services from start to finish. 

Why Bloom Air Conditioning?

Our highly trained and skilled HVAC professionals will arrive on time in one of our fully-equipped service trucks loaded with state-of-the-art tools and equipment needed to get the job done efficiently right on the first visit. We are also utilizing high-quality replacement parts to ensure we get your system working like brand new again. Lastly, we always provide the most long-lasting solutions possible to ensure you get the total comfort you need all year long!

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